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Rebuilding Lives Beyond Separation and Divorce

"Dedicated to Helping You"

Divorce can be one of life's most difficult experiences to overcome. We, at Second Chapter, know your pain. We have lived it and are now dedicated to helping others who are going through the same emotional trauma that we have experienced. We are committed to helping those newly separated, divorcing people, and those divorced for years heal and increase their self-sufficiency through a self-directed process with the effective support and leadership of trained professional volunteers.

We believe that your experience with us will provide you with educational tools to heal from divorce. Our goal is for you to obtain a renewed sense of well-being as you move forward on your journey toward recovery and rebuilding your life. We are here to walk along side you, and to support and encourage you as our program provides you with the right mix of information and resources for you to successfully move on to a happy, healthy and rewarding future.

We partner with Second Chapter for the Spring and Fall session each year.  We care for our community by serving those in need through recovery ministries, such as Second Chapter and Second Chapter Kids.


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